Music is a moral law.
It gives soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
a charm to gaiety, and
fire to everything.
It is the essence of order and leads
to all that is just and beautiful.
- Plato

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Products & Services

Composition Commissions

I started composing music for handbells in 1981, and have many published handbell compositions -- arrangements and original works.  In 1991, I started accepting commissions, and many of the commissioned works have been (or will be) published.


  • Contact me either by telephone, mail, or email. I will be happy to discuss your proposal.
  • If after the discussion you wish to continue pursuing a commissioned work, I will send you a Handbell Composition Request Form and two copies of a Handbell Composition Commission Contract.  The Handbell Composition Request Form is a way for you to provide details about the work you want to be composed.  The contract spells out the terms and conditions to be adhered by both parties (the requester and me).
  • Complete the Handbell Composition Request Form.
  • Sign both copies of the contract.
  • Return to me the Handbell Composition Request Form and one copy of the contract.  Keep one copy of the contract for your records.

Festival Conductor

I am available for conducting handbell festivals.  For more information, Contact me either by telephone, mail or email.

Handbell Notation Font

Are you a composer of handbell music, use notation software, are frustrated because the software does not allow, or conveniently allow, you to enter the special handbell notation and the software does allow you to anchor text to notes or enter text anywhere on a page?  If so, I have the solution for you!  More information is available.

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